How Technology Can Adversely Affect Your Health & Happiness

Below are a few ways you may not realize that technology can adversely affect you and your family:

  • 6 seconds is the average length of time your eyes are off the road when you are texting while driving. Try the android and iPhone app TrueMotionFamily to track phoneHow Technology Can Adversely Affect Your Health & Happiness use behind the wheel.  You might just be surprised by what you find out.
  • There is a 40-lb. push on your spine when your head is tilted 30° forward (while viewing devices for instance), compared to 10-12-lb when it is in a neutral position.
  • Avoiding tablets and computers (whose screens suppress melatonin production) 90 minutes prior to bed can improve sleep quality.
  • 1 in 6 teens have hearing loss from high-volume music or tv’s.
  • 23% of kids in middle school and high school have experienced cyber-bullying.
  • We generally blink only 5-6 times per minute when staring at a screen and this low rate of blinking can lead to dry eye disease.

Some technology is very valuable but yielding our lives to machines rather than social interaction can affect our health, happiness and driving ability…just to name a few.  Try “unplugging” more often and spending more time outdoors and with friends and family.

SD County Escrow Team

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