HOT Selling Tips For Today’s Home Sellers

Before the internet came along, sellers controlled the distribution of information about their home.  Not anymore!  So the savvy seller needs to really think about the info they want online BEFORE they have their home put on board the “real estate sales ship”.

Clearly Define What You Are “Really” Selling

I’m serious!  “3 bedrooms 2 baths” is fine and privacy,helpful-tips-sign home style, price & location are important, but what is the essence of your property?  What type of emotion & experiences will a buyer have if they move into your home?

  • A feeling of safety?
  • Surroundings that bring a sigh of relief from the day and possibly much needed relaxation?
  • A view that puts them in the midst of energy and excitement?
  • A comfortable, large living space with plenty of room for entertaining?
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment?

How can your home be described online so it entices your buyers to request a showing?

Give Your Buyer More Than They Expect

Selling is effectively giving the prospect at least what they expect.  AND, giving the buyer something extra when possible.  For example, do not include the washer/dryer in your original list of items that will convey.  That way you can throw them in later as a “bonus”.  Other possible “bonuses” include:

  • Potted plants
  • Patio furnishings
  • A gift of professional cleaning at time of closing
  • New carpeting, roofing, etc…

Something else you can “give” a buyer is potentially lower long-term cost.  Perhaps you’ve already done the foundation, electrical and roof.  That will be a significant savings to your buyer over time.  Don’t just mention these types of “already done” repairs/upgrades, make sure they are expressed as a cost savings!

What kind of bonus or cost savings can you give to a buyer?

Don’t Offer A Discounted Property, Offer A DEAL!

Overpriced properties are often ultimately forced to become discounted properties.  They sit on the market too long and can make buyers ask “what’s wrong with this property”.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Make sure your property is priced competitively from the start or if priced lower than the norm…it should be advertised as a great deal or priced to sell.

SD County Escrow

Selling Your Home: What Is Your Home’s Special Story?

What Is Your Home’s Unique Story?

You’ve probably heard that to help sell your home you need to declutter, give the walls (and perhaps the exterior) a fresh coat of paint, add flower pots, etc…  Another thing you can do is document your home’s “story” and let your agent use the story to market your home.  Every house, just like every person, is unique.  Maybe you are in a condo or a tract home, but there is still something singular about your home, heaven forbid not that you painted the front with a big orange college logo on the garage door!

If These Walls Could Talk

Your home may have a history.  It may be one of the iconic homes in your community, or it may have a story others lived but never talk about.  As an example, let’s think about a modest post-world war II tract home on a street of similarly produced homes.  What is the story of this home?  Read on to find out…

“In 1946, I was born to provide a home for one of the many brave soldiers returning from war.  His grateful new wife and family pooled their funds and dreams and moved “Don and Marie” (you can get this from title records) into their first home.  TheWhat is your home's story? neighbors, often other veterans or grand-parents, shared their lives.  Don owned a lawnmower, which he shared with Dick and Dave on either side of me.  Our neighbors helped Don build the fence that now defines my edges, and Marie learned some of her best cooking from the French bride next door.  When the war ended, people were filled with relief and gratitude, and I was there to see it.”

“When their children grew and moved out, Don and Marie chose to relocate closer to their future grandchildren, and I was sold to a new young couple who had just graduated from college.  They filled my rooms with ambition, work ethic and schedules.  They were very busy but took good care of me and they are the ones that added the office space behind the garage.  While they didn’t have much time to spend with neighbors, my owners supported local organizations and were a credit to the community.”

“And then as I aged, my next couple of owners let me slide into disrepair.  Until….along came a “flipper.”  Sometimes people see that as a bad thing, like slapping lipstick on a pig, but in my case it was wonderful!  The young man who bought me as an investment to resell was diligent and smart.  He started with basics that needed upgrading – electrical, plumbing, some structural issues, new water heater and roofing – things you don’t see as much, and then moved some of my “bones” around to give me this wonderful open plan.  Now I can see more of my people at one time!  He made quality choices and attended to my details.  And now I proudly strut my stuff and look forward to a new family to share life with.  Perhaps it is you?”

SD County Escrow Team