Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

Our rainy season isn’t too far away and traffic here in SoCal certainly gets worse when the rain is upon us.  Driving in the rain or on wet roads is risky and paying attention to the following safety tips can help you protect you and yours:

  • Put your patience in high gear. That “idiot”Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain who is “going slow” in front of you is obviously intimidated by the wet surfaces, and honking or swishing quickly around them may exacerbate the situation.  Slow down and think how you would want to be treated if you were afraid.
  • Hydroplaning is an instant effect. It doesn’t happen gradually.  So slow down and leave room between you and other vehicles.
  • Before the season, and certainly before a big deluge of rain or snow, be sure your tires have the minimum tread needed for good road traction.
  • If you go into a skid, look and steer in the direction you want to go in. Do NOT brake, let your vehicle slow down naturally.
  • According to the AAA, cruise control increases the chances that you will lose control in wet conditions so save your cruise control for dry days.

Cheers…Drive Safe,
SD County Escrow Team

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